Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat racing is an exciting way of motivating and integrating staff from all areas of the company. Part of the sport’s amazing appeal is its ability to get everyone working together in a very short space of time giving a real and lasting sense of individual achievement and team spirit.

Motivation, Team Building and Fun!

With no previous experience required, everyone has an equal chance of success and is kept occupied at all times. The great advantage of Dragon Boat racing is the way the Teams develop their teamwork skills in an effective and meaningful way. It’s not only the obvious benefits of teamwork which are enjoyed; but, the bringing together of everyone within the team, and the amalgamation of their strengths to achieve a result, which is so rewarding. Most important of all, the shared experience is invaluable for team cohesion.

Team Building, Feel-good Factor and more…

The event works like this:
On arrival the teams have a safety briefing and are issued their paddles and buoyancy aids. They then board the dragon boats, as crew, and have a timed race. At this stage the teams will have been given no hints or tips on how to paddle a dragon boat! The boats are then disembarked and our (BDA qualified) helms begin to train the teams to improve on their original race times

The crews re-board the boats again and techniques such as “Paddle Tap”, “Silent Running” and “Pairs” are used to help improve timing as well as tips on the team’s basic paddling technique.

  • Paddle tap – As it says the team will paddle and then tap the side of the boat in time to create one loud tap together rather than lots of taps at different times
  • Paddle tap salute tap & paddle tap eyes closed – Variation of above
  • Silent running – No noise and eyes closed whilst paddling
  • Pairs – 5 strokes front seat alone, then second seat join on the tenth stroke, third seat on the fifteenth stroke and so on, once the back two have done their five this starts again from the back until everyone has stopped paddling
  • Odd/Even numbered seats – Each seat is numbered, all odd numbers start paddling for 10 strokes then they rest whilst the even numbers take their 10 strokes and so on
  • To finish – The teams will have the best of three races timed to show how much they have improved throughout their training … and to establish the victors!

The event is based on a half day full racing event using two dragon boats for more than 34 people, giving each crew four races; or, if time is limited, a 2 to 2½ hour session. On arrival, we would split your group up into teams and, following a safety briefing, the teams will be professionally instructed with a fun mix of water based team building exercises, practice sessions and races.
The event includes:

  • The services of one of our experienced event managers prior to and during the event
  • Liaison with the venue to ensure necessary infrastructure is in place
  • A risk assessment
  • 2 fully equipped 30’ (up to 11 person) dragon boats
  • 5 trained staff (registered with Sport Governing Body)
  • Buoyancy aids
  • Paramedic emergency technician with response kit
  • RYA staffed rescue boat cover
  • PA system and MC with race commentary
  • Race equipment & radios
  • Medals for the winning crew
  • Venue decoration
  • Transportation for boats, equipment and staff
  • £5m public and equipment liability insurance
  • BDA Race Permit
Dragon Boat Racing event 1
Dragon Boat Racing event 2
Dragon Boat Racing event 3
Dragon Boat Racing event 4