Helicopter Flying


Known as Hands-on flying... as it’s exactly that! This is a unique, exciting, genuinely hands-on experience; where you actively take control of three amazing aircraft.

This innovative event from Corporactive is ideal for team building, client entertaining, building relationships, rewards, incentives … and for introducing new teams.

We have operated this truly memorable off-site experience in C.A.A. licensed Helicopter flight training, Hot Air Ballooning and Hovercraft for many years. We are an assured, professional, “safe pair of hands” … to trust in for this awe-inspiring event.

All flying activities are carefully instructed and managed to the very highest standard by qualified CAA registered instructors who are highly experienced in managing this event.

Exciting, thrilling and completely unique … this event enables your team to fly all of these three aircraft in one day … giving them the experience of a lifetime!

Helicopter Flying

This fantastic experience … flying Robinson R.22 dual-control aircraft alongside our professional C.A.A. Pilot Instructor … allows you to feel the exhilaration of being in control and sensing every response the aircraft makes.

Everyone is briefed on the dynamics of flying these amazing aircraft; before being taught to fly by your personal pilot instructor. You’ll be briefed, taken up in your R 22, given one to one instruction on the controls and basic flying techniques.

You then fly the aircraft piloting it through a series of simple manoeuvres. These are proper training flights and cover a surprising distance, with panoramic views to match.

Any slight feeling of apprehension the participants may experience before flying are quickly abated during the flight… and replaced with a wonderful sense of achievement.

Hot Air Ballooning

This is a great experience which involves whole-team responsibility for preparation of the Balloon for flight, from start to finish; marking this as an event with a distinct difference.

Effectively; the team becomes “crew” to two professional C.A.A. registered Balloon Pilot Instructors. They are trained in the entire process of “rigging up”, “tethering”, “blow inflation” and “burning” their own balloon; in preparation for tethered flight.

It’s a great deal more involved than most people imagine … and very much a team effort to set up the balloon, ready to achieve flight. The flight, which is tethered, involves ascent and descent and is, naturally, instructed by qualified A.O.C./C.P.L. instructors.

This has proved a most popular and rewarding event which leaves guests with a spirit of real achievement and satisfaction … there is such a primal sensation in flying a balloon!

Hovercraft Flying

Guests are professionally instructed in the subtleties of flying these idiosyncratic aircraft which are not as easy to fly as they seem … but … a hugely fun experience nonetheless!

Instruction is essential prior to practice flying. This is followed by an equally essential de-briefing … and then yet more practice … until control is (hopefully) honed to a fine art!

Confident in their newly-acquired skill; teams attempt fastest individual times … before taking part in a “Blow Job” relay. Not quite as it sounds … probably just as well! It’s a speed and manoeuvrability relay which requires items to be blown over by the propeller back-draft as the timed relay race is being completed.

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