Team Building Exercises

Effective team building is essential to succeed in today’s market. A motivated and cohesive workforce can be encouraged and developed through a number of cleverly designed team building exercises, or a bespoke event targeted at meeting specified objectives.


At Corporactive; we believe in the value of Team Building to improve performance by changing perceptions, opening minds and in facing challenges outside the usual environment. We’re good listeners… we design every team building exercise to fulfil client requirements, enabling confidence in satisfying objectives, achieving success and in promoting teamwork and problem solving. Corporactive are highly regarded for team building activities and events for any size of team, indoor or outdoor, day or evening, anywhere in the UK or worldwide.

We have the experience combined with one of the largest portfolio of team building exercises and activities in the industry. This means that, whatever your brief, we’ll have many options and solutions to choose from.

Most of our events are unique to Corporactive, so no matter if others have events of a similar name, they probably won’t be the same. We are one of the few event companies who actually design our own events. We strive to continually improve the range and style of events, and innovative games and activities for our clients.

We have associates all over the UK and, an increasing network in Europe and Worldwide. This means we can deliver your team building event pretty much anywhere, in a cost effective way. This is why, when you need the best team building exercises, you can rely on Corporactive. We will create the catalyst for better communication practices and for developing your team into a more effective and supportive unit.

Corporactive are specialist team building event providers in Leeds and Bradford, Yorkshire, London, Manchester, Newcastle, the North East, Manchester, Birmingham, the Midlands, Liverpool, Greater London, the South East, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Whatever your requirements, we can provide the perfect event to enhance your team; whether it’s a more formal approach, or, demonstrating the power of teamwork in a more relaxed and fun manner.

Some of the Key Issues which can be addressed for your team will include:

  • Bringing all together as a collective team
  • Getting to know each other
  • Identifying own and others strengths and weaknesses
  • Role identification
  • Work as and manage the whole team effectively
  • Working together to achieve the same objectives
  • Having fun whilst working together

To give an idea of our team building exercises we’ve developed several unique events. You can also look at our activity days where there are many great opportunities for fun and less formal team building events. Please call us and together, we’ll create a team building event to remember.

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Problems... Solved!

chain reaction


the way


This session commences with the Team discussing the meaning and use of communication … and its importance to team understanding and clarity of purpose in the work place.



The focus of the event is to get your entire group working together towards a single end result. This takes the shape of a project brief, posed to your whole team at the start of the event.



This is a natural follow-on from the morning session. It involves the Team in facing a number of diverse problems, challenges and tasks; which are designed to test the ability of the team to work together in the face of many, and constantly, changing challenges.



Chain Reaction is a thought-provoking team building event with a focus on getting the whole group to work together, requiring proficient project management skills to design and build an intricate sequence of reactions.



This session commences with the Team discussing the meaning and use of communication … and its importance to team understanding and clarity of purpose in the work place.



The aim of this event is to get the whole team working together to complete one essential project which is a route-way linking the efficient supply and transport of manufacturing output. Teams are challenged with building the ultimate sustainable highway.