Sheep dog handling and duck herding

Sheep dog handling and duck herding

This is a charming event with Elaine Hill – the first Lady Sheepdog Trial Champion.

All her Sheepdogs and Collies are trained to Trial standards by her, which is a guarantee for all guests to enjoy a really authentic experience… and have fun. Designed to be truly “hands on”; all guests will be instructed to act as shepherds and to handle the dogs to herd the ducks. Well, that’s the theory anyway!

With Elaine’s trained and trusty Sheepdogs at your command; we can guarantee huge entertainment and amusement will be had by all, particularly the dogs and ducks! As guests soon discover, ducks are very independently minded creatures and their sole aim in life is to seemingly to ignore all efforts to get them to do what they are supposed to… i.e. round the course with the fewest faults and refusals!

An event that captivates everyone!

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